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There are a few things that a student must know in order to come up with the right Aleks Chemistry answers. What is Chemistry- It is the scientific study of properties and how matter behaves. It covers the elements that make up matter to the compounds of ions, Atoms and molecules. Chemistry is such an interesting subject that addresses how molecules and atoms interact through chemical bonds to form new chemical compounds. What are chemical bonds – Chemical bonds are a lasting attraction between molecules,Ions and Atoms that enable the formation of chemical compounds.They are two types of Chemical bonds which is; Primary Chemical bonds which comprises of Metallic bonds, ionic bonds and covalent bonds secondary Chemical bonds which include Van der Waals force bonds and hydrogen bonds


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What is Organic chemistry and how do you get accurate Aleks Organic Chemistry answers? Organic Chemistry is the study of the Structures, Preparation of Carbon-containing compounds, their reactions, properties and their compositions. In order to solve Aleks Organic Chemistry questions accurately, there are some major terms that one needs to understand to get the correct Aleks Organic Chemistry answers. 

What Are Some of Organic Chemistry Terms and their definition?

Elements of Organic Chemistry – Carbon, Oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen

Types of organic compounds- lipids and carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids

Examples of Organic Chemistry – Medicines, Food additives, gasoline, dyes, and plastics

Classification of organic compounds – Heterocyclic compounds, Fullerenes, Polymers, Aliphatic compounds, Heterocyclic compounds, Functional groups and Aromatic compounds. 

Hydrocarbons – They are organic molecules that are made of hydrogen atoms and carbon carbon only

Allyl group a group containing a double bond [C1=C2-C3 and 3 carbon atoms

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